Previewing Fusion. How to change layout before activating?

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    I am happy so far with my test blog for Fusion

    Now I want to see how my “real” blog will look with Fusion.
    I tried to preview it but the preview gives me a two column blog with small images. Not what I want!
    I want the one fixed column with large images option as I used in my test blog.

    Is there a way I can play with the various theme options before activating Fusion? If not, will I be able to make the changes on my old blog once I activate the new theme?

    Please help…I don’t want to ruin my blog!

    The blog I need help with is


    Play with it on the test blog. As long as you keep it private, you can export your content from your main blog and import it into the test blog and set the test blog up just like your current blog.



    Thanks but…Either I am not understanding you or that was not what I’m asking…

    I want to keep my current address so if I switch everything over to a new blog I would have a new address, correct?

    So far all works fine on the test blog with NEW content.

    Now I am trying to apply the new layout to my OLD content (existing blog) and at least in the preview it’s not happening. I can’t get the photos larger, the old sidebar is still there…but that’s because I wasn’t given any options as to how I want the layout to look.

    Will I be given the option to change my photo sizes and have one column at some point? No sidebar, just a footer, etc? It’s all available on Fusion but when I preview they are selecting options for me that I don’t want.

    Does that make sense?



    Okay, thesacredpath I did export the content and import it to my test blog.

    I have one fixed column but the photos are still the old size. Now what?

    Can I go back to each post and edit the photo size or do I have to remove and reload larger photos? OR do I just leave all the old photos small and start new content with large photos???

    Haven’t exported/imported widgets yet. Will try that next.


    No, you can either edit the images and increase the side in the image editor in the post editor, or what would be better from a quality standpoint would be to delete the image and then just reinsert it from the media library tab on the “insert image” popup page.

    Exporting the content and importing into the test blog is just for testing purposes so that you have your content there.



    Okay, got it. Thanks.

    My only remaining question (for now) is whether or not I will be given an option to select which Fusion layout I want with my “real” blog once I activate the theme?

    Will I have choices on columns, footer vs sidebar, etc. once I activate the theme or will I have to start over with setting up the theme on a blank page and then reimport the content from the test blog?

    Either way it seems doable.


    You will have the same choices you do on your test blog. When you switch themes, it switches the theme only. In some instances such as going from a three-column theme to a two-column theme or whatever, your widgets may be moved to the “inactive” widgets area because the software can’t for sure know where to put them, but all you have to do is to pull them out of the “inactive” section and back into whichever sidebar or bottom bar you desire.

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