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    As I’ve written before, the preview themes function doesn’t work on my blog. I can only preview one theme. When I cancel and go back out to try another theme, and click on preview, only the side bar (fonts, colors, activate, cancel) appears — my blog does not. In order to see my blog in a different theme, I have to close everything out and then go back in.
    I’ve enabled 3rd party cookies, as suggested, cleared my cache, etc. and the problem won’t go away.
    I may have to change blogging platforms because I want to change my theme, but only being able to preview one before only the side bar appears, means it will take at least a month for me to preview my blog in a new theme.
    I really want a fix or answer as to why this is happening, even though I have followed instructions.

    The blog I need help with is



    Consider changing browsers. There are problems with Internet Explorer. This might not be the issue, but it is worth experimenting with before you take desperate action for something that is not a problem with WordPress as much as it might be with the browser you are using.

    Also check to see that you are not using any extensions or add-ons that will prevent JavaScript and related scripts to work within your browser.

    I’ve tested the Preview Themes function across multiple web browsers over many years and IE is the only one that gives me grief. I just tested again and it works for me on all browsers except older versions of IE.

    Consider activating the Theme instead of previewing it if you continue to have problems with this. Take a look at how it looks then switch it back or to another one to test it.

    Not sure why it takes a month to preview your site in a new WordPress Theme but I’m sorry you are having web browser issues. I know from experience it can be quite frustrating.

    You are using the Twenty-Eleven WordPress Theme which has some amazing features. You can customize the header art, background, and a few other things, making your site look different from others quite easily.

    Good luck with it.



    Thanks for the suggestions! I use IE mostly because it came loaded on my lap top, and it’s a system I’m more familiar with. I have used firefox with some luck in the past, and will see if that makes a difference.

    I seem to have the habit of acquiring computers that the folks in the tech department shake their heads and say “impossible,” until they came up from the basement, and watched my computer do things they had only heard spoken in whispers in the past, lol.

    Laziness has also kept me from taking the step towards a non-IE based abased method — there is probably a quicker and better way of transferring files than I do — I just have to settle down and locate it.



    Thanks again!



    Oh, and the length of time to preview — I can only use my computer for short bursts of energy before the process becomes painful. Unfortunately, I can’t run through several theme previews at a time, which made the issue more problematic .
    A month was a pessimistic guess based on how many themes I could peruse with my previous method.
    Thanks again,



    Good luck with the process and remember, even with whatever computer you get, it takes only a moment or two to download and install the tools that serve you best in your work. For me, Firefox is essential for anyone spending a lot of time on the web, and a must for WordPress users as there are so many extensions that make the blogging process and using WordPress easier. Good luck with it.



    Thanks for the advice re firefox. I haven’t reinstalled it. Wiped the hard drive to install Windows 8 (Vista was an awful system), which removed my firefox.
    Since IE came preloaded, I’ve been using it, including trying beta versions.
    I’m wondering if security issues with Windows 8 has an affect on some uploads — I get messages asking me if I want to view unsecure material. Maybe IE and 8 are treating these previews as unsecure content?
    I’ll try install fire fox and see how it goes. Thanks again.

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