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previewing themes and not seeing exactly as screenshot

  1. I'm not going to pick a theme free or premium but preferably premium and if you want me to even sign up for this service why an't I see/get everything that is shown in the theme screenshot? When I preview it, its absent several things!

    ThemeMin and Bold News aren't displaying pictures or where pictures would go at the top of the header or whatever. I tried importing from blogger (where I have some pics) and I uploaded a few pics from my PC to the media gallery to se if that changes anything... so nothing!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you referring to the Themes Showcase and the live demo sites linked to from the themes we preview there?

    ThemeMin description >
    ThemeMin demo site >

    Bold News description >
    Bold news demo site >

  3. yes that is what I am referring to

    The live demo does not contain what the description/screenshot contains

  4. Live demos are never 100% informative. Specifically what are you concerned about with regard to each of the themes? I believe if you can clearly itemize your questions about theme functionality then Theme Staff who monitor these forums can provide details.

  5. well why are the picture ribbon features missing from the live demo as shown in the screenshot as noted in the two themes I mentioned (and that you linked to)? How d I get this? (or anything else that is missing).

  6. Thanks for stating your questions. Theme Staff will reply to you tomorrow.

  7. And how do you know that?

  8. It is a fact that Themes Staff monitor all threads in this forum. Unfortunately they aren't available 24 hours a day at the beck and call of over 25 million bloggers. They will answer you during their working hours tomorrow when they answer the other theme questions just as they always do. Please don't let the lack of answer keep your from your content production and publication. It takes only moments to purchase a premium theme and activate it on a blog.

  9. meh, I know there's a 30 day return but c'monI'm not going to build something if I can't get what I"m supposed to be seeing ;)

    And cool good to know you know the forums and thanks again for YOUR help too (you deserve some credit!) and no I don't expect them to be available 24/7 so I do all my waiting biding sleeping.

  10. @mynetdude

    When you say the picture ribbon features, do you mean the featured posts carousel below the navigation?

    Both themes' live demo sites (ThemeMin and Bold News) are pretty close to the screenshots on the theme showcase pages and the carousels are present on the live demo sites.

    The carousel require for you to setup once you purchase and activate the themes in order to give you a control what go there.

    I might have misunderstood your question, If I have, please clarify what you are referring by "the picture ribbon".


  11. Bold News isn't premium and I have it activated, yet the carousel isn't there nor can I see a way to set it up

  12. *err yes Bold News is premium

    And the current theme I am using has a carousel and I saw how to set it up but couldn't find the info before.

    I'll check back here, thanks!

  13. Ok I'm looking for a way to be able to let readers share via several mediums but I don't see how I can do this without too much customization.

    Also I noticed my site and the demo is a bit narrower than the screenshot shown for a particular theme; I presume this has to do with what resolution I'm running at is there a way to find out what res these themes are optimized for?

  14. @mynetdude

    Your current theme is called iTheme2 and how to activate the carousel is on the theme showcase page. Please see the section "Featured Posts in iTheme2".

    Some themes are designed to response the users screen resolution. The screenshots were most likely taken on larger than 1024px wide screen.

    If you have question which is not related to the original question, it's the best to make a new thread.

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