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    There are too many bugs in the new features. The live view doesnt work, for example, so you cant preview themes or custom designs. It has a lot of other bugs.
    Instead of superimposing new features and layouts on people, why not let them choose?
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    The blog I need help with is


    Moderator works best with modern browsers. What browser and version are you using? Have you tried the troubleshooting suggestions here?


    I have been using wordpress for about 5 years and I’ve not had these problems until the new layout. And this is not the only issue. It seems buggy.

    I use the latest Firefox.



    The link to your member profile shows that you signed up about 3 weeks ago and the site linked to in your post above looks to be a test site. That’s all the info I had to go on.

    • What exactly happens when you live preview a theme?
    • When you say you can’t preview “custom designs” do you mean the Custom Colors or Premium themes?
    • What are the other “issues”?

    Please see the support doc I mentioned above and double check the following:
    -Do you have javascript enabled?
    -Are you allowing 3rd party cookies?
    -If you are using browser extensions, have you tried turning them off?


    As I mentioned previously, we are unable to view any themes. The preview function doesn’t work. If we search a theme and want to see how it looks through the ‘live view’ option, the page comes up but the content is blank.
    The same blank page is displayed on the installed theme, if we try and customize it. You can’t preview any of them.

    — Javascript is enabled.
    — 3rd party cookies are allowed.
    — We have tried both with having extensions on/off – and by emptying cookies and cache. None of it does any difference.

    I am not sure it’s a browser issue since the same problem seem to appear in Explorer as well. The new features feel buggy. Several of us have come across a few buggy features as we work on an article. We haven’t taken the time to record these for WP as we have our own work to focus on.

    But it would be better if people got to chose the CMS layout rather than having to convert to a new one; we’re not too keen on the new features and layout. It takes longer now to add new content as we have to go through more steps to add tags, page order, and so on.



    Well, solving this is definitely above my pay grade and the second part of your comment above, about additional steps to add tags and page order and so on, doesn’t change regardless of what theme you use. If you are just setting up, then yes it does take longer, but that is true for every new site.

    Regardless, I’ll tag this for staff assistance; please be patient while they get back to you.


    I didn’t say that it takes longer to add tags, page order etc with each new theme. I said the new admin


    makes posting more cumbersome and it would therefore be great if the new layout was an option, rather than a fixed change to WP.

    If this was a privately hosted site I would suspect browser issues. But since its hosted on WP’s own hosting, I am not sure this is browser related but rather something to do with coding functions.



    Since we can’t address reverting the Admin/Dashboard to where it was 3.5 years ago, let’s move forward to get your current problems solved. Hopefully it won’t be long before Staff can assist you.


    Theme preview hasn’t worked for mew for the last couple of weeks. Preview pane is just blank. Left column menus show fine and work fine.

    When I first select a theme and hit “Live Preview”, the preview shows for a second or two, then goes blank. If I hit “Cancel”, the preview pane displays the preview.

    There’s a glitch somewhere — I don’t know if they’re using Flash or some kind of scripting, but something seems to have changed in the last few weeks.


    Thank you. I look forward to their assistance.


    BTW how can the admin/dashboard layout have been changed 3.5 years ago – when we are regular bloggers for five years and have only come across the new layout now? I don’t think we are talking about the same layout.




    The only relatively new areas of the Admin/Dashboard are exactly the Appearance>Themes> Live Preview area (introduced in May) and the Custom Design area, with the addition of the Custom Colors section. But the Dashboard itself hasn’t changed much. Links may come and links may go, but that’s about it.



    First, please try upgrading your browser. Your browser is reporting itself as Firefox 9.0.1, whereas the current release is Firefox 14.0.1:

    If that doesn’t help, please make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled:

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