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Previous and next post link for a sadish blog

  1. Am completely new to this and frustratingly inept in all of this...but am hoping someone can give me some help. I'd like to add a previous post/next post link at the top of each blog entry. How do I do this? Searching this reveals that this function has been "deprecated". Any help would be most appriated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If this is the blog you are talking about , then it is not possible. That would require access to the underlying theme files, and we do not have that access.

  3. tanyablog

    You can hand-code the links:

    <div style="float: left; width: 50%;"><a href="LINK_TO_PREVIOUS_POST/" target="_self"><span style="padding-right:1em">LEFT_CONTENT_HERE</span></a></div>
    <div style="float: right; width: 50%;"><a href="LINK_TO_NEXT_POST" target="_self"><span style="padding-left:1em">RIGHT_CONTENT_HERE</span></a></div>
  4. it's not possible with Mistylook by Sadish then? I'll need to adopt a different theme?

  5. 1 tess...will try that...your reply came in just as I was typing. Thanks!

  6. 1 tess...I tried that code and here's what the page looks like:

    Told you I was inept! Not sure what to do now.

  7. You need to put that in the html post editor, not the visual.

    However, since your pages show more than one posts, I don't really see what the use of such links is: previous/next is right below/above, and you've got older/newer tabs at the end of each page.

  8. Panos,

    ummm… no, not on Misty Look when you are looking at a single post view.

  9. Fabulous...thank you so very much!!!

  10. Tanya,

    Might I suggest that you put the code at the end of your posts. Your front page is composed of just the beginning or your posts and the next and previous posts are redundant when viewing the whole page of posts.

    Or, with Misty Look, you can make custom excerpts for your posts: write your own introduction to them then paste into the "excerpts module."

  11. @Tess: Oh I see - my bad!

    (Still, to me the redundancy on the main page is worse than the defect in the single-post view.)

  12. @Panos,
    Exactly. That's why I suggested she use the except feature so she could leave that part of the post off.
    Or put it at the bottom.

  13. @Panos and 1's what it looks like:

  14. @Tanya,
    Looks good!

  15. @Tanya: Yeah, looks good. (I wouldn't do it, for the reason I explained - but it's your blog, not mine!)

    May I suggest a small tweak? For the right links, instead of
    <div style="float:right;width:50%;">
    <div align="right" style="float:right;width:50%;">
    so that the link will be flush right.

  16. How lovely are you two. Thanks a million...this has been bugging me for about 2 months. RELIEF!

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