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  1. Is there any option so that I can keep one post at the first position.. eg.. introduction. I dont want the introduction to be removed from the first page. Is it possible that all the go below the introduction page.

  2. You have to change the datestamp every time you make a new post, so that the one you want to stay on top always appears to be the newest. There's no automatic way to make this happen. What some people do is put an introduction in a text widget and put it in the top of the sidebar.

  3. Dear Raincoaster,
    Thanks for your information. I tried to do that as per your instruction, however i was unable. could you please give me some detailed information.

  4. I did, in the other thread where you've posted the exact same issue.

  5. If you are having difficulty with the text widget, please give specifics.

    And do not post the same issue in multiple threads. It's not respectful of the effort the volunteers in the forum put into answering your questions.

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