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    My blog uses the Cutline theme. When I click on an individual post, the links for the previous post and the next post right above the title are cut in half. What’s up?



    i don’t see that happening on IE7. What browser & OS are you using?


    I just looked on my Mac in Firefox ( and Safari 3.0.3 Beta and the links look fine, not cut off.



    Firefox is OK. Konqueror 3.5.7 there’s an overlap, but the links are on different lines so nothing is cut off. Both in Fedora Core 7.


    Windows XP and IE7

    Sorry, it’s not doing it when I click on the post, but only when I click on “comments”. The links are cut horizontally so you only see the bottom half of the link.


    I can see the links with no problem using firefox on windows xp.



    Windows XP and Firefox

    Checked the comments. Everything looks good. No cut urls.



    I see it using IE7, when you click on comments. The link text goes small and you can’t see all of it. I just checked a couple of other blogs using Cutline and I’m seeing the same thing there too. If it’s a problem with the theme, you’ll probably need to let support know.


    It seems to be a problem with how IE7 is rendering cutline since FF (mac and windows) and Safari (mac) do not have the problem.

    As cjwriter said, sent it into support with the details so they can make an adjustment in the code, at some point, to take care of it.

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