“previous posts” now missing

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    well, this new “possibly related” feature has only shown up on one single post, and now the “previous posts” link at the bottom of the page has disappeared. coincidence?



    Might be. But that link has been reported to be erratic for a couple of weeks now. Try reloading the page a few times and seeing if it pops up at any point.



    Nope – it’s gone. Except when I go to the archives – then it reappears.


    It’s now a feature.



    Previous posts is a feature? What does that mean?


    I should have put a smily face after it. This has been a random ongoing problem for at least several months. I have two blogs on which the previous link appears and disappears randomly, and then reappears. You can open a post for edit, change nothing and click the save button and it will bring it back for a while. I don’t know if everyone that comes to the blog is missing the previous link, of if it is based on some rule of karma.

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