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    Hi all
    How can I make so that my images in posts would have a “previous” & “next” option? It seems that between posts & pages it’s automaticly there, but I really wish to have this option also between each image so it won’t be so annoying to just browse through them.

    here’s a link for example:

    thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is


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    This may give you some ideas:
    Especially this:
    “Easier alternative: forget the gallery feature altogether, upload and insert independent images, and use page splits after each image (the “nextpage” tag – see here). This way you’ll get a series of pages with a series of number links below them.”


    Thanks Tess! the ideas you’ve linked are great, but I’m afraid, since I have this huge amount of images, that I’ll go nuts before finishing this copy & paste thing.

    I guess there’s no other alternative but changing my theme, which I really don’t want to.



    Thanks y’all. Does anyone have some links to see Panos’ instructions in action?


    @rebeccaparrish: Thanks for the idea – I’ll add a demo example in that post. For the easy alternative you can check this:

    (Created after her question / my suggestion here:)


    cool thanks, panos! I used the previous/next option you outlined for my photo gallery. here it is:

    One thing I don’t like is that in the gallery attachment pages, all the widgets on the right disappear. Is that just how it is or do you know of something I can do to fix that?


    a) I had already seen it – you must be a very patient person!

    b) That’s just how it is in the theme you’re using. As I said in this thread, there’s nothing you can do (other than switching to another theme, which I hope you don’t want).


    @panaghiotisadam re: "a) I had already seen it - you must be a very patient person!" It’s all about cut and paste for me. and the secret was originally giving each image a name that had a project designator and a number reflecting the order i wanted it to appear in the sequence. Then when I created the “Prev/Next” links, I copied and pasted and only had to change the number each time. so my code for the image titled “jessica 14” looked like:

    <table width="100%">
    <td align="left"><a href="">PREV
    <td align="center">© 2002 Rebecca Parrish</td>
    <td align="right"><a href="">NEXT</a> </td>

    and I only had to go in and change the numbers of the images coming before and after for “PREV” and “NEXT” respectively. After I was finished with that. I went in and re-named each image since the image names show up in my theme. I gave the images names that where more like captions to suit my liking.
    Hope I’m making sense… It was a handy trick so I thought I’d share.


    So make that patient and clever!

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