Previous/Next Entries Intermittently Disappearing

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    I am using the Contempt theme on my site ( and have noticed that the “Previous Entries” and “Next Entries” links on the bottom of the page will disappear randomly. Generally, if I log-in to my account, they will be present, but if I am not logged-in they are missing. I searched the forums and noticed that this seems to be a fairly pervasive issue. I tried the two “fixes” recommended on the forums (editing the last post and changing the number of posts on the Home Page), but both of these were only temporarily successful. Yesterday, I tried the latter fix (went from 30 posts on my Home Page to 20) and it was fine for the remainder of the day. But this morning, when I checked the site, they were gone again (until I logged-in and they returned). As you might imagine, one of the more frustrating aspects of this problem is that it’s hard to “show” people the issue because I have no idea when the links will come and go.

    Any thoughts/ideas for a more permanent fix to this minor, but vexing issue would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you with this. Please contact Staff directly.



    Thank you…I sent an inquiry to the Staff this morning. Just thought I’d check the forums to see if there were any quick and easy solutions. I appreciate your response!



    Sometimes it fixes itself if you change your blog’s language setting, save, then change it back. No-one knows why.

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