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    hi all
    I want to make a price comparison portal and i have everything I need (theme, shop cart, groups of products…) except one…i dont know how to create multiple price menu for a product…let me explane how i see this :
    User comes to my web site, searches for a few products, adds them to shopping cart and then he needs to compare prices in all shops that I’ve included on my web site…I’ve tryed ecommerce, woocommerce but they dont give me the solution…Does anyone have an idea ? Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t have what you need. You need to hire a web host and set up a install. Online stores aren’t currently possible here at as our free hosted blogs cannot be equipped for ecommerce transactions at this time. If you require e-commerce/shopping cart functionality, there are no restrictions on e-commerce if you setup a self-hosted blog instead of a free hosted blog. See here to learn the differences:



    Sorry I’m new on this forum and this actually isnt blog that i need help with…forum posted link automatically…I have wordpress installed on my localhost, and i installed a theme for start so i can create product table on something…it has a shopping cart, and room for products but i need to create something very simple so i can post every product with multiple prices and user can add it to cart with the price of market that he wants…Does this make sense ?
    And I just rename basic, beginner, medium into shop names so user can see where is cheaper for him to shop ? Thanks in advance



    You need a WordPress.ORG install with your own host or you will be suspended here – since you are working with a local host install – you need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using and will be using on your real site

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