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  1. schoolpsychscholar


    I recently registered this blog with WP. I guess I've paid for the domain registration. I'm thinking about upgrading to the Elemin theme @ $75. If I upgrade to a Premium account, is the Elemin theme free? Also, if I buy the overall upgrade package am I credited the $18 I paid for the domain name registration?

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  2. schoolpsychscholar

    Oops. Did not know this would go to a public forum. Thought I was writing to support. Sorry. Please delete at will.

  3. There are no premium accounts. Every upgrade is individually priced. No there will be no credit. You purchased doamin and domain mapping and that's what you got -- nothing more and nothing less.
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  4. schoolpsychscholar

    I guess I meant "Value Bundle" not "Premium." That bundle includes a group of upgrades (not individually priced), including one I've already paid for: Domain Name Mapping. Thanks anyway.

  5. The value buldle includes the following: As you already have domain mapping and as premium themes are not included I suggest you look at that upgrade and determine if you really need the upgrades it includes.

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