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    I’m interested in purchasing your premium package. However, I have a few questions.

    1. I currently own the domain I would like to simply use this this domain for my wordpress site. Does this cost anyting additional or is that included in the $99?
    2. Another one of your pages had itemized costs for adding audio, video, etc. Is this included with the $99?
    3. Is there any sort of trial period? i’d like to have some time to try it out and see how intuitive it is (and how much I can customize the look and feel) before spending money.
    4. Is there a way to actually setup an ordering tool on WordPress? Meaning, if my band wants to allow users to download songs for $1 a piece….can WordPress do this? Do you have any example sites?

    Thanks so much for your time,


    The blog I need help with is



    1. This is included under Domain Name & Mapping. Basically you will be mapping the domain to your site.
    2. Yes, 10GB Space Upgrade allows you to upload (mp3, m4a, wav, ogg) files.
    3. Total Upgrades can be cancelled for a full refund within 48 hours of placing your order.The refund period for a bundle is only 48 hours when the bundled domain is used, and must be within 30 days of buying the bundle. More info here.
    4. No on this one as you cannot charge money on a site. Info on audio here.
    Since you are creating a band site you might be interested in Playlist and Sites for Bands.



    4 is not accurate. You can actually add a Paypal Donate button and use that to sell things, as long as they are your own work.



    1) Can be done by itself Domain Mapping – $ 13.– / year – or it is part of the $99.– Bundle also



    First of all, thank you for the informative replies.

    If I’m reading the above correclty, I should have a 30 day period to get a refund because I already own the domain name (Go Daddy). So, I won’t need to purchase one.

    On number 2…so I would need to purchase ANOTHER upgrade besides the $99 bundle? Or is this included as well. I get confused on this site as to what is a la carte and what is in addition to the bundle. Also, I wonder if there is any need for me to upload audio anyway….it would probably just be easier to link or embed bandcamp or soundcloud and let another site store my audio files…..especially if I have to purchase another upgrade (space upgrade).

    Number 4 – If I have a good logical way to link to paypal or something similar…that might work.

    However, I’m starting to wonder if WordPress might not be the ideal avenue for what i want to do. It’s funny, because I have a degree in web site design, but have no time to do this on my own. Which is why I wanted something that was easy to put together, allowed me to customize the look and feel, and gave me plenty of handy plugins and widgets. Most of what I see here sounds good, but I need to be able to give fans an easy way to purchase songs, merchandise, etc. Any thoughts on this? Again, thansk so much for your time.



    Sorry, one more question – If I map my go daddy domain to my wordpress site….the URL would still say right? Meaning, I don’t want it to redirect so that the url says wordpress in it….



    If what you want is plenty of plugins, you’re in the wrong place. You can’t use plugins on a blog. It’s a turnkey solution that is not as flexible at a install.

    Yes, you can buy the Domain Mapping for $13 a year and map to your blog.

    The space upgrade is included in the $99 bundle, but as you say, do you really want to use all those features? If you buy the domain mapping and later decide to go for the package, sometimes staff will deduct the cost of the pre-existing upgrade from the package price.



    I’ve been playing around with it and had some questions. Is there a way to remove things like the calendar, search, the name of the theme, and the left hand nav stuff like pages, syndicate, meta, etc? I don’t want to see all this stuff. Thanks.



    Pretty much everything can be removed with the exception of

    the name of the theme,

    Is not allowed – even the VIP accounts (starting at over $ 30,000/year) are required to have that credit

    To take things out of the sidebar – just drag a widget into the sidebar and the default widgets will go away – also some themes have no sidebars

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