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    I have a blog with WordPress hosted model. WordPress has provided a Upgrade section on the left side of my administration page which has a list of optional paid upgrades.

    Below mentioned are few of those paid upgrades:
    VideoPress: $59.97 USD per year
    $0.16 per day

    No-Ads: $29.97 USD per year
    $0.08 per day

    The upgrades are mentioned as per year or per day.

    If i upgrade my blog to VideoPress, i can add 3 GB videos to my blog in first year.
    In the second year if i do not add any new videos, do i have to renew my account again
    (do the videos i uploaded in the first year exist in the second year also or do i have to pay again to display my old videos(uploaded in first year))

    Thanks in advance
    urs friend

    The blog I need help with is


    If you do not renew the videopress upgrade, your videos will no longer show up in your blog or play, but I think they would still be in the media library – just not accessible via the blog.


    Thanks for clarifying that for me as I do intend on upgrading to video.


    You’re welcome.

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