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    My name is Trevor and I’m the director of programs at a non-profit in Eugene called Centro Latino Americano. Our current website is a disaster and we’re in need of a free option to upgrade. Does wordpress have any free options for non-profits to gain access to the admin features on blog sites?

    The blog I need help with is



    There is one price for all of us for all upgrades. There are no discounts and no partial payments. We all pay the full amount at the time of purchase and all upgrade subscriptions are due for renewal in one year’s time. provides free blogs and hosts them free of charge. There are no bandwidth charges. All blogs come with 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images. Free features are listed here

    See here for details of all 3 plans offered by

    See here for details in regard to all available upgrades.

    See here for the Premium bundle details

    See here for ecommerce details

    You must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to access the blog’s dashboard and purchase upgrades at > Store > My Upgrades
    Your billing history will be at Dashboard > Store > Billing History
    Your options for payment are found here

    Note that the free plan and the Premium plan do not allow you to upload your own themes or plugins. blogs cannot be equipped for eCommerce transactions unless they have the $299. per year Business upgrade.

    A self-hosted WordPress site might be right for you. offers free software that you can install on a web server. You can upload and install themes and plugins, run ads, conduct ecommerce and edit the database. Learn about the differences here.


    Member does not bill by invoice or purchase order.

    Below are the only accepted means of payment. uses PayPal as the payment processor, and as such, can only accept payment from countries they support:

    If for whatever reason, they have chosen to block payment from your country, you will not be able to purchase an upgrade here unless you have a source of payment outside of your country. Note: You can buy a prepaid credit card from an approved country or pay in Bitcoin.

    In addition to major credit cards Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and PayPal can accept echecks and some debit cards.

    The debit card must have a VISA or Mastercard symbol on it, and should work just like a credit card when selecting the VISA or Mastercard option on the payment form, even though it’s a debit card.

    More about echecks here: also accept Bitcoin for payment of certain upgrades



    Looking at your current site ( – and host and guessing at the upgrades I would use if I were you – you are looking at less than $ 50.- / year total cost for upgrades (domain mapping, no ads) – – then add that the staff here do the back office web master stuff for you and I think you would save money and have a site much easier to maintain once it is set up



    I’m with you on that. I would purchase domain mapping and a No-Ads upgrade. And I would use this guide to migrate the content from the existing site to a blog

    @twhitbread2014 provides free blogs and free hosting for them. does not accept domain name transfers but mapping to an existing domain can be done.

    Domain mapping of an existing domain URL that you already own and purchased elsewhere is not done free of charge. You will have to renew the domain name purchase where you made it and the domain mapping purchase here every year.

    Important Notes Before Upgrading

    Mapping an existing domain costs $13. annually. In order to map to a domain one must have an underlying subdomain blog to map from. If you have registered a blog you log in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog and purchase a domain name by purchasing an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade for the blog.

    See here for mapping an existing domain that you already own

    Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades is where you do the primary blog set up knowing it can take between 24 – 72 hours for domain name propagation to take place throughout the internet. You can view the DNS changes here > What’s important during that stage is to be patient.



    @TT – they don’t seem to have a WordPress.ORG install – so the migration is a bit different

    But the site is simple with what looks like mostly Pages so the text should copy easily – then a bit of clean up the formatting – then they can start using Posts for current news – that will make the site search better – – then add a subscription Widget and they are good to go (well some sort of a picture for the header and the picking of a theme – but with almost 200 FREE themes, the only problem I see is too much of a choice for the looks of the site )



    Aha! I didn’t explore the site but have now. You’re right. The content cannot be exported but it can be copied and pasted. Then they can purchase the domain mapping upgrade and the No-Ads upgrade and they are good to go for $48.00 per year.



    @TT – just a nitpick on the price – actually $ 43.- / year to WordPress.COM – the domain name is already registered so it will need to stay not registered here (WordPress.COM is not set up for incoming domain name transfers)

    But still I think putting their site here would be a nice match



    Oh! You are right, of course. Mapping an existing domain is $13 per year. I worked most of the night and I need coffee. It’s almost dripped now.

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