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    I want to be able to use Premium Themes as well as plug ins. If I get the $17.00 a year plan will that get me those things?

    Thank you for your time.

    The blog I need help with is




    No upgrade at WordPress.COM short of the VIP program allows the use of Plugin’s – it is a security and reliability reason – you have many extra Widgets that build in functions that would normally require a Plugin. The VIP program starts at about $ 20,000 a year then add $ 5,000 per Plugin to have the Plugin approved.

    What exactly did you want to use a Plugin for? Many times the functions are built in and there are also many workarounds.


    Well, its not 20K a year, I know that. There’s a $17 plan or $99.

    I’m looking for ways to add buttons at the bottom of my posts, like Facebook, Twitter, and such for people to easily share my posts, if they wish.



    The VIP is a very high end program for companies like CNN etc.

    There are sharing options for Facebook etc

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Sharing

    Just enable the options you want and the icons will show up on the bottom of your Posts and Pages.


    Thank you soooooooooo much! I thought I had to pay to get that function. Man, I was lied to.

    Again, thank you.



    You be welcome & good luck

    WordPress.COM builds in many many functions into their Themes and systems – one of the strong points of WordPress.COM.


    You could run into some things you want to do here that you cannot because of security restrictions. For some of those things, if you explain what you are wanting to do, we may have work-arounds.

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