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    well here is a thing that i am facing i have a blog at i registered this blog at because i have a domain of same name and didn’t want to have any identity mismatch, so regitered one at, now the problem,

    i liked the stats though i love google analytics or sitemeter better but for simplicity i wanted wordpress stats, so installed the plugin for wordpress stats but then i had to have API key to activate it and it was one of the primary reasons why i registered at well the stats are up and running but both my wordpress install and account are now integrated i can post straight from within my account with the domain name being my primary blog, so i would click the new post tab in navbar and i would be posting at my wordpress install, really!

    now recently i changed my primary blog in account to be the blog but problem remains the new post in navbar still directs to the wordpress install

    but the new post drop down menu is up and working and directs posts to blog



    I believe you will have to contact staff about this. Here’s the link


    its resolved changing the primary domain had it, and yeah i cantacted support it was temporary problem

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