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  1. Hi there

    I have two WordPress blogs (Bangers & Mash and Vanesther Rees). I want Bangers & Mash to appear as my primary blog but no matter how many times I change it in the My Blogs section of the Dashboard it always links to my Vanesther Rees blog when you click on my gravatar.

    Please help!
    Blog url:

  2. This is how to change the blog your username is linked to. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

    Now every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on a blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.

  3. P.S. I forgot to mention that this is not a retrocative changed. All previous comments you made will be remain linked to the first blog.

  4. Thanks for that!

    Under Primary Blog it said Bangers & Mash, but right at the bottom under Account Details and Website it still said Vanesther Rees - so I've changed it there too!

    Thank you soooo much. I think that just might have done the trick!

  5. I clicked your username and it's linked to now. Happy blogging!

  6. Excellent - thanks so much for your help :)

  7. You're welcome.

  8. realboisesoccer

    I only have one blog but want to add a second. Why one must be a primary blog? I want them to be independent of each other and "equally" important? Thanks in advance!

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