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  1. clicking on "make this blog primary" does not seem to be working
    Blog url:

  2. When we register a username account here the email address we provide becomes our unique identifier. When we are logged into and register a blog it's registered to that username account we are logged in under and to the email address which is our unique identifier. We can register as many blogs as we wish and provided we are using the same username account then all the blogs will be registered under it and the associated email account. This is the blog linked to your username
    What is the URL of the blog registered under the same username account that you are having difficulty assigning as your primary blog?

  3. Is this the process you are using? You can change the primary blog your username is linked to. Note that this is not a retroactive chnage. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

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