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    When i comment on other blogs using my wordpress account the comment link points to Harshal Bhatia which i don’t want. Infact i want it to point to Just Harshal.

    Also i have checked that the latter is my primary blog but still it points to the former one.
    i am really fed-up and need help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Easily fixed.

    Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings. Scroll down to the ‘Website’ box and change it to what you want. Save Changes.



    Thanks. It works. Yes, but only for the new comments made, not for the ones already made.


    Is there any way i can change the address in the ones already made?



    Unfortunately for you, it only applies to new comments: (under “Website”)

    To my knowledge, the only way to change the address on previous comments is to actually write to the blog’s owner. Only they can edit previous comments.


    OK thanks. I am satisfied with the new comments, something is better than nothing.

    Thanks again.

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