Primary blog: main purpose & starting up a 3rd blog

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    What is really the main purpose of a Primary blog? Other than the fact that one’s avatar/profile can default automatically to Primary blog URL.

    Over the next few months, I will be setting up a 3rd public blog. It will be a totally different mandate. It will be a blog for a major international event and blog will run for 1.5 years. Hard to predict traffic..but it will be a key resource blog.

    It would seem that I may have to create a different account and register this new 3rd blog. I assume that I can use my same email address as administrator?

    The blog I need help with is


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    It would seem that I may have to create a different account and register this new 3rd blog.

    No, if you want this third blog to be separate from the other two, then you must use a new email address.

    It is the email address that wp uses to determine which blogs belong to which accounts, so if you want the new blog to have its own account, then you will have to use another email address. A new account will also allow you to have a new user name, perhaps descriptive of your event.

    You could add new to your existing account, but unless you choose it to be the primary account, your comments on other sites will link to whatever is your primary blog. Also, the user name would be the same as the other blogs on that account.



    If you want your comments to track back to a different account (and as someone with seven different blogs on five different networks, I would caution you against this administrative nightmare) you can simply sign out of WP and leave the comment inserting name, email and URL of your choice. That is the fastest way.



    Thank you all so much. This is important (to me). I have to mull over a number of things now before we ramp up soon, which includes the blog.

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