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Primary Blog setting, incorrect URL

  1. I use Stats for my standalone WordPress blog at Back when I enabled Stats, my URL was The Blog Stats page in the Dashboard now shows when it should be It's tracking just fine though.

    The problem is that in my profile, my Primary Blog shows, which is a URL that doesn't work. How do I change it to

  2. You can change your primary blog url here in the forum. Go up to the top right hand corner of this page. Find "Welcome danielkwan, View your profile" and click. When it opens then click "edit this information". Scroll down to "Website" and change the url. Click "Update Profile" to save.

  3. Sorry I meant the Primary Blog setting in my blog's user profile, not this forum's profile.

  4. Argh... I'm getting all mixed up. The problem is in my blog's user profile, which I don't even use.

    I guess it's a non-issue then, but if there's a way to change the URL that shows up in my Dashboard Blog Stats, please let me know.

  5. Hi again,
    There are two places where you can the link to your primary blog. One or the other will do it. It makes no difference which one you use. Here's the second place
    -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile
    right hand column "Website" enter the correct url
    Click "Update Profile" to save.
    Happy blogging :)

  6. That has no effect on what's listed as my Primary Blog (the dropdown menu below the "Interface langage" dropdown menu). In my contact info I have "" entered, but my Primary Blog shows "".

  7. Then it seems to me that you will have to contact staff and have them sort this. You can reach them using this link during support hours (9-5 PM Pacific time) using this link

  8. Guess so. Well thanks for your time.

  9. The information cannot be changed.
    It is something we will get round to doing - sorry.

  10. I'm facing the same problem with you, danielkwan! Feel messy because sometimes i just install wordpress for testing purpose, but it will automatically add in my personal profile. Any other solution to change it? Any updates?

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