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    I upgraded and got my custom domain so not to have the, I have set the primary to and in the URL bar it shows as BUT when I share from my blog to facebook/pinterest and under… it says as my primary blog address and it wont let me change it. Why? what am i missing here???


    The blog I need help with is



    According to a staff answer here:

    For future reference, you can change or update your primary domain by logging into your site’s dashboard and going to Store–>Domains.

    I have also notified the Staff to take a look at this thread. In case the above method doesn’t work, please be patient while waiting for their assistance.



    I think the problem is at FacePlant etc not at WordPress.COM – I think @TT has some how to fix – but try disconnecting from FP and reconnecting –

    If the custom domain name is recent – did you have your blog connected at FacePlant etc with the old domain name?



    It looks like your domain is correctly updated on your Personal Settings page.

    Can you take screenshots for where it shows up incorrectly on third-party sites like Facebook, and upload those to your media library so I can see the same thing you are?


    thanks everyone…it seems to have fixed itself!!!



    That’s great to hear! Thanks for letting us know.

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