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    If I added a custom link to my primary menu that doesn´t go anywhere, in the form of is there a way that when the mouse is on top of it appears as a arrow instead of the link hand? So it doesn´t get confussing.

    For example in my site the second one “¿Quienes somos?”


    The blog I need help with is


    Use # only, not the URL with # after it as the URL for the menu item.


    Oh, I´m sorry. I was using the # alone, actually.

    There isn´t anything I can do instead of that?


    You can try leaving it blank, but sometimes that causes the menu to sort of go flakey. Still, it would be worth a try.

    If the menu goes flakey, then there is nothing that can be done and you will have to go back to # .


    Thanks, sacredpath. I leaved it blank and it worked in my computer, but didn’t in the iPad.

    There is a way that the sub menu items appears only when the menu ones are selected, and not automatically, as it is now?

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