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    I want to add the Print Friendly plugin to my blog.

    Before I get the standard answer the ‘no plug-ins are allowed on WordPress’ can I ask why there is a page about how to do it?

    I just can’t do it as I can’t find the wp-content/plugins directory that it says is required.

    The instruction also say ‘•Activate PrintFriendly in the plugins section of your admin panel’ – what is an admin panel? Is that the same as my dashboard?

    Any help that explains the situation very much appreciated.

    If wordpress cannot accept the plugin (and why is there a page?) are there any plans to sort this out as the existing print option is pretty rubbish – prints the whole web page.



    The blog I need help with is



    Before I get the standard answer the ‘no plug-ins are allowed on WordPress’

    That’s the standard answer for those whose blogs are hosted on WordPress.COM. The page you are referring to is for those who self-host their own blog using the WordPress.ORG software.

    Some people confuse WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM (which is where we are). These links will explain the difference:
    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums



    I am soon going to create a bookmarklet that will launch a print-friendly button in a blog post. It’s a one-click solution. But you have to do it for each post where you want the print-friendly button.

    I will keep you posted here.



    No plugin is required. No fancy coding is required. Please see here and know that I know whereof I speak because the code in my post does work in my test blog. >



    Staff-there seems to be a tag in my comment above which is affecting the indent on all following comments.

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