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    Do I need to have the Custom CSS upgrade to add a Print-friendly plugin to my blog?

    Or is there another way of making my posts and pages print-friendly?



    Quick aside – I’d would remove the ‘www’ bit from your URL here in the forums. The ‘bushtelegraph’ bit takes the place of the ‘www’ bit. They do not coexist. 30% of the folks here can’t follow the link and it has been known to muck up search engine spiders as well. You may note that Google doesn’t have you indexed and that’s after four months.

    The user uploading of plugins is not allowed. We’re on a shared environment here and would put all of the other blogs at risk.

    There’s a number of threads already on print friendlyness. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and suggest this to staff.

    Hope this helps,



    Refer to this page.

    Yes this requires the CSS upgrade.

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