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    I would like to be able to print individual articles or posts for people that do not have access or use the internet much.

    I use the White as Milk theme, and although this is relatively simple, when printing an article the navigation columns still take up many sheets of paper. Also, the articles don’t always start on the top of a page.

    I have read some forum posts and FAQs about customising CSS:

    I am not a member of the “advanced users who understand CSS” as it says on the ‘Upgrade’ page but I can usually follow well documented recipes and research items that I don’t understand.

    Would I be able to have a go? That is, use the CSS Stylesheet Editor (Presentation -> Edit CSS) to implement the suggested change(s) to allow printing of an article and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter, because the changes will not be saved?



    The last thread you linked to is the one I was going to dig out for you.

    You’re correct that you can’t save changes without the upgrade so you can happily play with CSS. Your preview window should have the functionality of the change, so you can try it.

    Everyone’s learning curve is different. Some, I suppose, take to CSS without missing a beat. Others become too frustrated by it. I’m somewhere in the lower middle; I was very frustrated for a while then one day it just made sense.



    There are some good online CSS tutorials. I’m no expert, but I’ve managed to customize my blog in a way that I’m very happy with. Sometimes you get lucky asking for help on the forums but not always. I’d say it’s worth playing with it using the Preview feature before you decide whether to shell out the cash.



    Thanks ellaella and rosclarke.

    I’ll have a play. Learning something new is much more fun when you have something real to work on and benefit from instant feedback.

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