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  1. Hey guys! I'm new to CSS and trying to customize my blog. Is there an easy way to add a "Print Recipe" button for each of my posts? I've tried searching around but can't find anything.

    Thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. Under your Share options, just use the Print button.

  3. Where is the Share Options?

  4. Found the button. Is there a way to change CSS to only print the recipe - rather than the whole post?

  5. No, but the Print button removes the extras like the sidebar and header etc.

  6. Also, this isn't a CSS issue. The instructions of the Print button aren't CSS-based at all, except in that it prints what's in the Body of the post.

  7. Thanks for your help! One more there a way to create a Print Recipe link?

  8. Well, the Share button IS that link. Do you mean you want something in the sidebar?

  9. I see that you have changed "Share This" for "Print Recipe", so maybe that's what you meant (to rename the button). Nice website btw! The brown sugar toffee cake looks delicious :-)

    In regards to your question about printing only the recipe and not the post too, I can think of two solutions:

    a) your visitors could highlight the recipe and then press Ctrl+P (or go to File, Print) and select to print the "selection" instead of "all"

    b) replace the print option with something like, where users can remove items, like pictures or entire paragraphs, before printing. I chose that option for my blog.

  10. Thanks airodyssey!! It's soo good!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out the option. I was just looking for an easy way that readers could print the recipe only and not the whole post.

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