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print recipe feature: a small request

  1. Is anyone in WP Land is listening, I have a small request.

    Is there anyway you can sell a 'recipe print' feature for us on!?!

    I would PAY FOR IT. I want our readers to be able to print the recipes WITHOUT me making a printable PDF (which I haven't done yet, but I'm seriously thinking about it- but that WOULD BE A TON OF WORK).

    Any interest? Seems like you have a ton of food-blogs on and would be a paid-feature of interest in your store.

    Thanks for listening!
    Blog url:

  2. Have you noticed the sharing buttons do include an button for "print this posts" and for "email this post"? There are more ideas in this thread >

  3. This is just what I was looking for--thanks!

  4. You're welcome.

  5. TimeThief, I will read that discussion thread. Thanks!

  6. Hopefully, an idea in it will be at least a temporary solution for you. You're welcome.

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