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    I have seen many cooking blogs in which you have the option of clicking on a widget to obtain a “printable format” of the recipe, that may or may not include a single photo of it, but the main feature would be a clean page for readers to print out.

    I’ve searched the forum but this subject was only addressed in 2006 (as far as I could tell) – I am wondering if there is a way to do it

    thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is



    Just in case…. I am bringing this up to the top to see if maybe someone could still show up with ideas.

    Apparently there is a way to do it using google, but I would prefer to use a more direct way, in WordPress itself

    Anybody? :-)


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    Save your recipe as a pdf, on your computer. Then upload that file to the media library.
    Then you can write a link to it in your post.
    To find its URL, go to the Media Library. Be sure that you are looking at “all” not just images. Edit the pdf file and copy the URL.



    Thanks, Angel-Tess!

    I will do my best to follow your instructions, HTML challenged that I am… if I run into trouble, I’ll have to scream again for help.

    I won’t change the status of this to “solved” yet, so that I have this venue open in case of problems

    Thanks again!


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    You shouldn’t need any HTML coding!
    I don’t know about non-Mac computers, so I have no idea how difficult it is to save a file as a pdf. On Macs, it’s just a matter of choosing that format in many programs.
    To make your link, after you find and copy the URL of the recipe in the media library, all you do is to type something like “download and print this recipe.” The highlight that text and use the chain icon to make your link. It pops up a screen where you paste the URL and voila!



    Finally! This forum topic helped me learn how to link to my pdf media file. Thank you!


    Just wanted to thank you for this forum thread!! It just helped me figure out how to print recipes from my blog!




    would like to leave some type of reply.



    Or – Make copy/paste your recipe to your gmail/google docs account. You can then “publish” the recipe, copy the URL and use that as your printable. The reason why this is good, is that you can then track how often that recipe has been printed/downloaded.



    Thanks for sharing that alternative – bookmarked. :)

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