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Printer Friendly

  1. How about a printer friendly widget like has.

    It would be helpful, at least to me, if we could add a printer friendly link to our posts. Is there one available that I can't find? Thanks

  2. I think this idea has merit also and that it should be moved to the ideas forum when drmike has time to do so tomorrow ... please.

  3. Would love to see a link to this widget. Only printer friendly addon I've seen is a royal pain to get in there.

    Edit: I don't see one on the Widget page

  4. Odd, when I go to print preview on my blog it seems very printer friendly to me. Does it vary from theme to theme?

  5. Actually yours daily looks good in IE. Usually all the theme graphics are thrown in there as well. You got lucky. Most of the other themes don't that good layout wise in a print preview.

  6. As I understand it, there's a line in the xhtml template (which users don't control) that could be used to identify a separate CSS file for the layout of a print view.

    Now there's a line that starts:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" ...
    this could be changed so that for media=printer, a different style sheet could be set.

    I would guess thre are no themes that make use of this, since we don't have any way to add a different print .css file anyway. But it could be done easily enough, I think. Themes could have one or more selectable "print" skins in addition to the skins used for all other media (e.g., display monitor). Or, those w/ custom CSS could have the option of writing css for printing -- I would be happy to pay $5.00/yr. more for that.

  7. I believe that in the last little while someone else brought some css coding forward on this. Perhaps it was engtech? wank? sunburntkamel? devblog?

    Is this or something close to it what what you're suggesting.

  8. Printer friendly is a really useful thing and I support it, especially as my blog is so dark. Ink costs money! Squids don't grow on trees.

  9. I already have back-up files on BlogDesk and I can get them off my rss feeds as well. I support the feature but I would not pay to have it.

  10. timethief asks:
    Is this or something close to it what what you're suggesting.

    Yes, that is what I was suggesting.

  11. I thought so. Good on you.

  12. I found one!

    Check out
    (or maybe a shorter page or post on that blog, just to try it out)
    No separate "print view" or scripted printing. I just clicked on "print" under the "File" tab in firefox, and the text of the post & comments printed out nicely without the rest of the screen layout.

    This works for both "posts" and "pages" on that blog.

    The blog uses "AquaFluid" by WP ThemePark, which is not available on

    The htm file includes these lines:
    <style type="text/css" media="print">
    @import url( );

    So this is controlled by a css file on a U. Minn. server, using WordPress software.
    Here is the complete contents of that file:

    body {
    font-family:times, serif;

    #mast-head, #sidebar, ul#navigation {

    h1 {

    #content {

    Is there any chance that we could get this kind of print-formatting option on -- even if only for blogs that buy the "edit CSS"?

  13. I've been using this for 4+ months on Anyone who has the CSS upgrade can make their blog printer friendly using CSS.

    Please add tags to that post so that it'll come up sooner in search (it was hard to find, but the tag "print" brought it up right away)

  14. Thanks so much, engtech!

    I think this by itself could be enough reason for some people to get the CSS upgrade.

    for a limitation I've run up against.

  15. they really need to add a printer-friendly button to the blogs. it would be great to add it right next to the categories link (on the actual blog) so that people can click that link for EACH post and print just that post and its comments "printer-friendly"

  16. @eyesandwings
    If you have a new feature that you wish to request then please use the "support" button on thet top righjt hand corner of any adin side blog page to communicate with staff. Support hours are weekdays 8 AM - 4 PM, Pacific time.
    Cheers :)

  17. i would also prefer 2 additional options
    1) email the post to friend
    2) printer friendly version...
    blogger supports that and it is very convenient.

  18. @shocking
    If you have two new features that you wish to request and you want to be sure that staff are aware of these, then you may want to use the "support" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page to communicate with staff during support hours.

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