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Printing my blog - a book of last year's posts

  1. I'd like to print out all of last year's posts. I don't really want to pay the $120 it would cost on or other sites. Is there a way to export the whole thing and make it into a PDF? BlogPrinting generates a nice pdf that you can preview but not print. You have to pay them to print it. I'd like to print it myself. Any suggestions?

  2. hrm... not that i'm aware of. you can open up your export file (Manage > Export) in openoffice (as an XML file), and create a pdf from there. i don't know what the formatting will look like, though.

  3. I don't know how much your printer costs to put out a page, but I'd suggest contacting a few print shops where you live. You should be able to get a cheaper price from anyone who does digital printing and book binding.

  4. hmm... i never thought of that. printing my blog into a book.

    who wants a copy? lol.

  5. There are a couple of online shops that have the software to turn a WordPress blog into a nice paginated book with headers and cover and other various options. My blog is an art blog, and that's why I'd like to have a record of my sketches for the year. I like BlogPrinting.Com because it does generate a pdf you can save...but you can't print from it. So using a local printshop wouldn't work since they wouldn't be able to print from the pdf. Early last year I set my blog to show 30 entries and then printed each to pdf, combined the chunks and printed that and it worked OK. I used the color laser printer at work so it didn't cost anything and I stuck it in a binder--it wasn't a nice paperback like BLogPrinting.Com makes. It sounds like that's probably the best solution. If I didn't have the free printing at work it would probably be worth it getting the book made.

  6. I tried the exporting feature of WP and I got nothing, I mean, no output. Maybe WPress can be able to provide some kind of exporting feature that would enable the bloggers to download their thoughts in a friendly and flexible format for any period they chose and do whatever they want with them.

  7. @helicentric
    Ummm ... I'm wondering how closely acquainted you are with the FAQs blog and the forum search box. most certainly does have user friendly export features and I know that because I have used them.
    In fact it's Blogger (Google) that does not have friendly and flexible format for bloggers to chose to do whatever they want with their blog contents. It's Blogger that holds blog contents captive and not WordPress.
    Did you got to the FAQs and follow these instructions?
    Did you use the forum search box and locate the many threads there?

  8. I don't need to move my blog I want to download teh content to my pc. I also did not mention blogger at all.

  9. Hi Janabouc,

    I think that this site is just what you're looking for. Reading their info., you can set your blog up as a book and print out the pages before publishing. And you don't have to publish it.

  10. Hi disembedded,
    I actually tried Blurb first and from what I could tell, it's all done on their site with their software and yes, you can see it all, but there's no way to print anything other than to order it printed from them. But maybe you found a way to print that I didn't see. If so, please tell me what that was.

  11. I'm answering my own question...I read the FAQ on Blurb, and it says:
    "Can I print book pages on my printer at home?
    You can … and we recommend that you do for proofing … but now that you’ve gone through the trouble of creating a bookstore-quality book, wouldn’t you rather see it professionally bound and printed? We’ll have you looking good in print in no time. To print the pages of your book at home, select Print Page … or Print Book … under the File menu."

  12. Seriously people, one of the things I do professionally is edit books, and I've worked on the production side as well. If you've got a regular home printer, and you have a sizeable blog, it is going to cost you quite a lot more than you think to print it out at home. I would look up the specs for your printer and choose the paper carefully, too, because some give far better results than others. Also, give a thought to how you're going to bind the thing. If you want to give it as a gift, that's one thing, if you're just using it as a meatspace blog backup, a three-ring binder might do.

  13. I don't know if this will work, but I have used a free program for the last year+ that I can print ANYTHING to a PDF file. I downloaded it at and it is the CutePDFWriter. When you print something, you choose that printer or your physical printer. If you print to CutePDF, you save it to a name on your PC.

    I use this extensively if I want to keep a webpage (that may later change), or to attach something to an email. Another way I use it is to back-up my Palm Desktop address book, calendar, tasks, memos. This lets me "capture" the entire address book but not print 35 pages.

    Maybe this would work for your Blog ... print it to your own PC as a PDF file and then decide later if you want to print a hard copy or just back it up onto a CD.

  14. After I went to bed last night and something I did last year came to mind. Anyone can subscribe to their own rss feed (I have a Bloglines account and have subscribed to my own blog feeds for back-up purposes). One can also change their feed syndication setting to "full" instead of summary and remove the "more tags". The end product will be in plain english rather than html and can easily be selected, copied and pasted into a Word file. Then you can make a disc to take to the print shop. I'm in ageement with raincoaster. I did a lot of printing at home until I trashed a printer and then checked into the cost of going to a professional print shop. Doing this myself was false economy. The print shop was cheaper.

  15. I am looking at this post for solutions to save my blogs and I am thrilled by the many possibilities that are coming up.

    THE "BLURB" SOLUTION SEEMS TO BE EASIER And the most flexible for a quality print AND I WILL GIVE IT A TRY after the bloglines RSS solution from timethief-- for record keeping and later processing. It's a great idea. It will also save all our posts if the site closes, is down, or else.



  16. That's looks like one of my posts when I hit the caps lock by mistake. I hope that's all teh issue there was. Caps lock is pretty much frowned upon around here.

    For reference, there are a couple of *.pdf generators for regular wordpress. Most of them are for older versions of wordpress. I don't think any of them ever got updated. I know the could I tried to install on my own WPMu never worked.

  17. It's just the way I write, no offense intended. I don't know why people react so strongly about caps. To clarify: I am not shouting, just typing.

    Well, to the point, Blurb would work if you have already downloaded the content, blurb does not help you on that. So far, Bloglines seems to be the next alternative (to download and print) and I am going to try it.

  18. I don't know why people react so strongly about caps.

    Because it's the same as shouting. You may not see it is but most of teh internet does. I think there's even an RFC on the subject.

  19. Another application you could use to open protected PDF files and print them is Ghostscript. The interface might not be pretty, but it does the job.

  20. would like to know...

  21. how to do this, timethief.

    One can also change their feed syndication setting to "full" instead of summary and remove the "more tags". The end product will be in plain english rather than html and can easily be selected, copied and pasted into a Word file.

  22. Okay here we go with a walk through.
    => Dashboard => Options => Reading
    You are now on the Reading Options Page. Please scroll half way down the page and find this:
    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: __ posts
    For each article, show:
    __Full text
    Note: If you use the <--more--> feature, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.
    Notice that you can set the number of posts you want to be on the feed. You can put the little green dot on "Full" text. Lastly you click "Update Options" to save the changes.
    HTH :)

  23. Thanks a buch!!! I had not seen the "Reading" options

  24. You're welcome and good luck. It worked well for me. I hope it works for you too. :)

  25. Yes, indeed. It worked well. But I found those particular menu items on the WordPress blog "Settings" not in the BLoglines feeds. MAybe I was confused about Bloglines.

    I set the maximum entries shown in WPress to 300 and then went to display the site and copied the entire page which now contained all my entries. I then pasted them to Word from where I can save as a PDF format and archive.

    I can also "print to pdf" from the web page once I can see all my posts in one page --- with the 602PrintPack utility and for that matter, with any of the other free softwares mentioned here.

    Now I have ot set my blogs back to show a few entries for readability. Great!! I have archived my blog.

  26. And it works with too if you set the default to 1) display all your entries in the same page. i.e., 2) do a copy and paste 2a)or print to pdf.

  27. I'm sorry I should have said from the outset that my instructions above were for changing settings and not for Bloglines. But I'm glad to hear you had a happy ending. YAY!
    P.S. I hope the others come back to this thread and find the solution.

  28. Ah, and the good thing about 602 Printpack is that it can save to PDF from a web page. I don't have to have a Word file. --- But I also want to keep them in Word to be able to edit them :-).

    I also use "Snagit". It's a great capture software that can save to PDF from a web page. As always, the trick is to be able to display the whole contents in one web page. Then PDF or "copy and paste" to Word.

  29. Wow! Thanks everyone. This is great. I'm definitely going to try these things. I know printing from home is expensive--I have access to excellent color laser printers at work with permission to use them so I can print without a cost. That's why I wanted to try doing it myself. I didn't realize WordPress would allow seting show 300 posts. That would make it real easy to follow the steps suggested above. And the Ghost program should make it possible to print the nicely formatted version from Blurb. Now to find the time to try the various systems.

  30. You're welcome :)

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