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Prionter Friendsly?

  1. keepingiteasyandsimple

    Is there a way to make pages printer friendly, or is that only on the purchased blogs? I would like for people to print off recipes without all the photos if that is possible on the basic blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's a print sharing button you can use on all blogs here >

    You can use printfriendly upload a pdf copy of the recipe text as a Scribd embed.

    You can use the Twenty Ten theme. It has Beautiful in Print - Everyone has experienced unpleasant surprises when trying to print an article from a web site. Twenty Ten includes special styles for printing, so you’ll get printed copies that are just as easy to read as the original.

  3. You can try this site:

  4. ~~noirciplume
    We are a ♫duet♫ :)

  5. haha indeed we are ;)

  6. One "feature" of Scribd is that it loads the entire document each time the Post is loaded - so if your document is very large make sure it is after the "Read More" tag or your front page loading time can get quite long and irritate your visitors. Don't have the Scribd document load unless a visitor really wants to read it.

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