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    Dear Support,
    Has that issue of prioritizing posts, regardless of their date, being resolved? I saw a forum on the issue that was closed two years ago, and the last word on it was that it was not possible then. That is, unless you’d chose the Static Page, which is not very useful.
    I see elsewhere, I think in Categories, that you can actually put a number and order the posts that way. How come that is not possible with the opening page of a blog? For some of us, who not just like to write but are also editors of our own material, it’s important to have control over what’s opening the page at any particular day, and what to leave posted a bit longer. I’ve been using the date “cheating” system for that but as that closed forum noted, it’s a pain. Besides, months from now, the date will no longer be useful as a signature as to when the post was published.
    I’d think it shouldn’t be a big deal to add this feature. I’d appreciate your reply and congrats in all your hard work assisting us. I’d have a ton of questions but mostly I refrain from asking too many questions and overwhelming you guys. Besides, practically everyday I find ways to work around the system, which most of the time, changes towards objectives other than mine. But it’s fine. It’s a free site, after all, and we’ll all live. Thanks and regards,

    Wesley Coll

    The blog I need help with is



    Please don’t use ALL CAPS, IT MAKES YOU LOOK HYPER.

    The forum is not the best place to communicate with staff; the dashboard Support/help button is.

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