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  1. Id like to double my wordpress weblog as a public journal where I chronolouge day to day events, as well as papers and things of that nature. However, id also like a section where I can post private thoughts, or ideas and where myself and maybe another person can read. Ive read about password protecting every post, but it still shows up on the dashboard. Any way using plugins etc to make it so that only a certian level of users SEE and can READ a certain category and/or page? Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


  2. This is planned. :)

  3. Wonderful! I don't assume there is an expected date though? lol

  4. As wordpress is still developing these features, does anyone know of anything I can do or add to wordpress? Or perhaps a different weblog software to get the job done? As usual, any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Essentially, act like a forum in the sense that if your an unregistered user, or a regular user, you can only SEE and READ certain pages which house certain categories. However, if your an admin, or another level I specify, you can SEE and READ pages / categories. Kind of like having 3 index pages where I can choose which one to post to. Index 1 is public and so is Index 2. However, index 3 is not. And by public, I mean a place where someone can make "posts" to, not have to edit the code for teh whole page.

  5. These features are under development. If you want something like that today, a site like Livejournal might work well for you.

  6. Does any one know of any plugins I can use to maybe achieve an effect near to the one I stated above?

  7. They might well exist, but you would have to start afresh on a self-hosted version of wordpress to use them; so on the whole it would be easier (and cheaper!) to follow Matt's suggestion and move to livejournal. Their friends filters do pretty much what you're asking for.

  8. yeah but i'd love to start playing with a self hosted version of wordpress anyway, so before I make the move, can anyone point me to the certain extensions?

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