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    I would like to make a wordpress blog spot that only people with the username and password can even locate (including through a google search). Can I make a website that can only be opened or viewed through use of a username and password that I give to specific persons?




    1) register two brand-new User IDs. Using one of them, complete the following steps:
    2) register a new blog and set it to Private under Settings->Privacy
    3) do not use the Invite option at all, except for your admin user that just set up the blog to Invite the other one to read.
    4) go to the email of the second user ID and accept the invitation
    5) give that secondary user ID and password to the people you want to have access. The problem with this is that any of them can change the password at any time, and even the email associated with the account.

    It’s easier to just make them all get their own user ID and use the Invite function.



    Thanks so much. I will work on this. This is my first day to do anything with blogging or working on a website. I just decided that I had to get started to learn how.

    Is my account now open to anyone who finds it or can it be closed to all except for those who use the password and username I give them?



    I want to make the website private to our family, not open to people who might otherwise find it. I don’t want to be googled and the website appears. It is just for our family, not for extraneous persons.

    Thanks for your help.



    Your ACCOUNT is only open to you –

    The SITE linked to your name is currently readable by anyone that visits it – when you set it to Private it will only be readable by those that you choose – the only thing the search engines might see is the blog name and the Hello World that is the token first Post.

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