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    I want to have two blogs. one will be a paid domain for my business, one is a free blog about my struggles with mental illness. I don’t want my customers to see that illness blog obviously, so what needs to be done? When someone is looking at my paid business domain website, will they be able to see my ‘gravatar’ thing and have access to my other blog? when someone views that business site, what information will they see that *I* didn’t put there.. like my account dame ‘strangerdanger5150’ will they see that?

    I will want both blogs to be public, just not connected to each other in any way.

    The blog I need help with is



    You need to have two separate accounts with two different email addresses.

    Also on second blog you need to be careful not to reference anything that will link your name and or your other site to your identity – keeping a blog a secret takes a bit of work



    At this point, the question you posted here is visible on Google, so I’d advise you to set up the second account and use it to create the second blog, rather than create it from this account and then Invite the other ID as an admin.

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