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    I do not want my name/email address or anything else that would identify me on public display. How can I protect my privacy? Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    …replace the email address associated with your account with an anonymous email account: “whatever1245 at yahoo something”, then take out all the personal information from “My Profile”, and anywhere else you’ve put it.

    Make sure your Gravatar has no personal links. Make sure the “Display name publicly as” is set to something anonymous.

    This is a start… but, really, if you want to be absolutely anonymous, either turn your blog to “Private”, or else you’ll have to make sure to never reveal where you’re posting from, names of people, your pets, get an IP blocker, and a bunch of other stuff. It can be a hassle.


    thanks for that. May be easier to go Private. I’m not really interested in people reading my blogs. It’s my release :)


    I’ve tried to locate where I can turn my blog to private to no avail. I’ll just have to be very careful what I say, however it defeats the purpose of me blogging




    Dashboard > Settings > Reading Settings > “I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose”

    It can be done, I’ve done a pretty decent job over nearly seven years of personal blogging to keep my anonymity intact. If writing is what you need, then do it.

    The first thing you HAVE TO DO is to remove the URL currently linked to your username, and replace it with something anonymous. Use your new, totally fake and anonymous email address to ake an entirely new account and blog if you have to.

    1. Dashboard > Settings > General

    2. Dashboard > Users > My Profile

    3. Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings > Personal Options

    4. Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings > Account Details

    Make sure, after making the changes, you scroll down and ‘save’ the page.

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