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    I have my blog set to permit visitors who are not members of wordpress to comment on my posts and pages. When I visit my blog without signing in and click around on my posts and such, I’ve noticed that on every one of them where the “leave a reply” section is, the information fields that the visitors must fill out in order to post a comment all have my own personal information already in there. My question is whether this info has been saved on my computer and is automatically entered into the fields when I visit my site without signing in or is the information permanently filled out for anyone from any computer to see and thus must delete in order to input their own?

    If the information is automatically entered by memory from the computer I use, how do I stop it from doing that?

    I apologize if this is a stupid question, I may be having a blonde moment.




    It’s a cookie on your machine – no-one ele will see it.

    And to stop it? Check your browser for if it auto-completes forms. Which browser do you have?



    Ahh, no, mark. This isn’t the work of the browser’s inbuilt auto-completion feature– WordPress reads the cookie information either through Javascript or server-side and fills out the textboxes with the appropriate information that it has extracted from the cookie. To stop it from doing this, you need to delete WordPress’s cookies everytime you leave the site or such. But I don’t see a reason why unless you’re sharing the computer with someone.

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