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privacy for just one posting

  1. I want to post something and have it viewed by only a few. Tyhe remainder of the blog is public. How do I do htat?
    Blog url:

  2. i don't understand what this box is for and I have asked my question 3 times and it's a merry go round!!!!!

  3. Stop spamming the forums.

  4. Who is Pete! And why is he telling me to stop spamming! You're not very helpful. I asked a bona fide question. Obviously, I am not a techie and you are being unkind and suffering terminal hubris. Who do you think you are???

  5. What are threads? I have received no answer. Okay. Just forget it. Thanks for nothing!

  6. I am Pete and I'm telling you to stop spamming because you are spamming.

  7. @artpete
    Please just ignore and help poeple in the older threads that have not been answered.

  8. Okay tt, I've left the answer on her about page anyway.

  9. @ardpete
    Thanks for walking way. I never post into blogs because my answers may be feed to akismet - capice?

  10. Ah yeah, good point!

  11. Wow. I thought there was an IQ filter on the internet? Apparently not.

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