privacy of media items and protection from search indexing

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    Currently my blog is private, but I will be making it public and protecting a few of the pages with passwords. From these pages I have links to some media items (PDF and Word documents) which I do not want the public to see. Is there a way to make media items private or protect them with a password? Can I prevent them from being indexed by search engines?

    The blog I need help with is


    Interesting question and I have no idea. This is something only staff can answer. I’ll tag this for their attention and hopefully they will pop around shortly and give an answer.



    Thanks thesacredpath. I’m building the blog voluntarily as a site for people who are mainly 50+ in age and they are concerned that I can verify what will be private for them to see when they login and what will be seen by the public. (Age is only relevant in that they have less experience of writing for the web and they want to understand better how WordPress works before getting stuck in.)
    Would be great to have a staff response to this question. Regards to all.


    Media on private blogs is private just like the blog posts are. Users added to the blog or to the privacy page have rights to see the files, but no one else does.



    If you want extra security make your documents PDF and you can require a password to view the document. Some other programs support passwords but not everyone has say M/S word.



    O.k. thanks designsimply.
    So I have a private page at which links to a Word document at
    If someone just tries to view the second URL by typing the address straight into their browser, they don’t get access?

    And search engines don’t find it because they can’t follow the link to it?

    auxclass that is a very helpful idea I will look into as well. Cheers.



    This is what I see:

    — 403: Access Denied —

    This file requires authorization:

    You must both be a user of this blog as well as be currently logged into
    You can create your own free blog on

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