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    I’ve opted for the blocking of search engines since day one when I registered. All was going well initially but recently, my blog could be search in google.
    Is there a flaw in the system? how do I get it off google or other search engines?



    Well, what you’ve done blocks the direct route to your blog, but just like blocking one road results in people using side streets, there are other ways to your blog.

    For instance, these forums are searchable by google, so if you really don’t want them to discover your blog, you need to make sure your username isn’t a link to your blog. Change that on the Profile page of your Dashboard.

    As well, you’re using tags. Each tag you use links to the global WordPress page for that tag: each of the tag pages has a link to every blog post you’ve used that tag on. If you really don’t want to be found, delete all tags and don’t use them in the future.



    I’m interested in this too. I’ve made a one user blog for my personal project stuff. Can people find it through google or these boards, or maybe in the tags. If they try to enter by reading “in cache” in google or something can they?



    Read what I said above: if you’re really concerned about it, make sure you’ve set the blog to disallow search engine listings, you’re not using tags, and you don’t link your username to the blog. Don’t ever link to that blog from another blog, or allow someone to put it on their blogroll.

    Some search engines, notably Yahoo, will just list you anyway.

    If you want the blog totally private, password-protect it.



    Thanks raincoaster


    If its on the web it’ll get into a search engine sooner or later. The only way to totaly stop indexing is to contact each engine provider directly with a letter stating you don’t want to be indexed. By law (at least by UK law, not sure about US law) they have to comply. The downside is that you’ll never have that site indexed by them again, even if you later change your mind.



    Um, if your blog is blocked from being searched by teh search engines, why are you linking to it with your profile here in the forums?


    Sometimes I have the impression that people think what they post here is private in-house only communication. I don’t think they understand that everything we post here on this forum is indexed by search engines. It doesn’t say this anywhere in the FAQs so if you are new to blogging then you may not know this.

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