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    I’m working on a tester blog for a project I’m working on at my company. If I were to create a blog that I wanted every employee to be able to access, but not anyone outside the company, is it possible to do this without the employees each having their own wordpress account?

    In other words, can I invite them by using their work email addresses even if they aren’t signed up at wordpress?

    I’m trying to find a way to keep the blog available but with the least bit of hassle for the employees (and everyone having to sign up for an account would not be in their interest).


    Could I keep the blog public but somehow password protect every post so that only those who know the passwords could read it? Would readers stil need a wordpress account?

    At blogger, you just need a gmail account which is a little easier since employees would be able to use an already created email and password instead of making a new one. BUT at blogger, it looks like you can ONLY allow 100 readers. I need an unlimited amount of readers to be able to be added.


    The blog I need help with is



    If you password-protect every post, you can do this and they don’t need a account. Otherwise they do.



    If you need an unlimited number, either use password protection (which is less secure) OR get the upgrade which allows unlimited private users.



    I just tried that but you can still see the posts. Does this password protection only apply to leaving comments?


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    If you are logged in, then you will be able to see the posts. Log out, the take a look: the titles will be visible, but not the contents of the posts.

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