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"Privacy policy" link in settings screen

  1. The "Privacy" section at the end of the settings screen at reads:

    We use some third party tools to collect data about how users interact with our site. You can find more information about how we use these tools in our privacy policy. If you'd prefer ...

    As you can see the original string links to the TOS. Shouldn't it better be instead?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why is the "modlook" tag constantly removed from this topic without an answer? Am I wrong about the URL to be wrong in the original string?

    I think the link should either be labeled "TOS" as it links to the TOS, or it should link to the privacy policy as its description says so.

  3. Sorry about that, I was planning to reply sooner but I had to run your question through our TOS team first. You are correct about the link and it's on the developer's list to fix.


  4. Hi Karim,

    Oops, it was you? Ok then I'm reassured. :) I already started thinking the whole world has conspired against me to prevent me from adding the "modlook" tag. ;)

    Thanks as always for taking care of it.


  5. Sorry, no conspiracy involved ;)


  6. Hey Martin, I just wanted to let you know that we've now updated that link for all users so that it points directly to the privacy policy. Thanks for pointing out this oversight to us!

  7. Hi Kevin,

    glad I could help. :)

    It seems the string is 'fuzzy' now. Was this intended? Cause I'm not sure if a lot of translators/validators know about the fuzzy strings. After all you don't see them listed when visiting the projects page in GlotPress.


  8. GlotPress also gives out a warning when I try to replace the old TOS link with the new link to the privacy policy.

  9. Hang on, upon further investigating the warning, I realized I've forgotten the trailing slash on the URL. When adding it, the warning disappeared. :)

    It's still a 'fuzzy' string on all other languages though. Thought I mention that.


  10. We'll fix that. Thanks again!

  11. The translation is fuzzy since the original has changed. The validators need to re-approve the translation by clicking ‘approve’ when editing the translation.

  12. Thanks Karim. I'll mark this topic resolved.

  13. Cheers.

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