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Privacy setting

  1. Hi, I can't seem to find where to change my privacy settings. Every times go into settings I see: account options (username, email address, primary blog, web address, interface language), and account recovery. No "privacy" anything whatsoever. I may be an idiot but I checked the "help" section and it told me to go to settings, which isn't much help because the privacy setting isn't there?! Ugh!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Privacy settings are now "Site Visibility" on the Settings > reading page in your dashboard.

  3. I can't get the "reading" page on my settings though...

  4. I just have account options and account recovery

  5. Your description of the Dashboard seem a bit different.

    Exactly what is the URL of the blog you are looking for the Privacy settings for?

  6. is one of them. I have two "blogs", I just want to test them out before making them public.

  7. Oh, good catch @auxclass. I didn't read though it carefully enough. Need coffee, or sleep, one of the two.

  8. - is public - you should have the privacy settings @TSP described

    But the options you are describing in your Dashboard sound like they might be from a WordPress.ORG install blog - which is why we would like both URL's

  9. is my other one...also public...why is this so messed up! WordPress hates me :(

  10. Also, I downloaded the WordPress app and I have things media, add a blog, sounds, app info, notifications on that settings page, but, no "reader" or "privacy." I even cleared my history, and tried a diff browser. WordPress hates me!!

  11. You've been visiting your account settings instead of your blog settings. To change the privacy you need Settings > Reading on the dashboard of each blog. Here:

  12. Omg justpi....thank you SO MUCH! I knew there was a completely obvious answer yet I couldn't find it...then I was starting to give up...and you came along and saved the day! Thank you!! :-D

  13. The wordpress app from is different from what is here. They are not the same in key ways.

    The version has only one setting regarding site visibility at settings > reading and it is under "Search Engine Visibility" and only controls whether to encourage or discourage the search engines from crawling and indexing your site:

    Discourage search engines from indexing this site

    Do not use the app to develop a site for use here on It will cause you problems since, as I mentioned, there are key differences.

    If you want to use the software to get all your content done and ready, you can do that and then export it from the .ORG app and import it into the site, but for things like themes and customizations, you cannot use the ones from the .ORG installation.

  14. tsp - thank you for clearing that up. I think I'll just use the regular .com site and not the app, plus the app doesn't have the greatest reviews.

  15. I still have not figured out where the Account section is that Tiffany was in - oh well at least you are in the right section now - good luck - and it does get easier after a while

  16. Auxclass- I must have been in my own personal settings, and not my actual individual blog settings... *blushes* and already it's better, plus I bought a WordPress for dummies version of a book for my kindle, so I don't have to bother you nice folks anymore! Thanks, everybody!! :)

  17. There is a ton of stuff at these sites on how to do things

  18. Sweet, thanks! I just bookmarked them. I need all the help I can get, apparently ;-)

  19. you be welcome & good luck

    the basics of the WordPress software is not too tough - but that means that many people don't read the instructions or support documents -

  20. Very true. It's easy to skim through those things, but I promise I'll read it. I'm starting it right now, actually (reading the basics).

  21. @tiffanyatang: You're welcome.
    @auxclass ("I still have not figured out where the Account section is that Tiffany was in"): grey admin bar, leftmost dropdown menu (the one that shows up when you hover over the W logo).

  22. Hello everyone!
    I need to double check something about visibility please. If the reading settings are private, will the site be visible to me only even if the page setting is public? I don't want to make it public before I finish and if I make the pages private too it does not allow me to work all options.
    Thank you!

  23. If the whole blog is set to private (in Settings > Reading), then no one can see it except you when logged in, so there's no reason to turn each individual page to private.

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