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Privacy setting when posting comments on other peoples blogs

  1. I posted a comment on someone else's WP blog and to my horror it now links back to my profile and newly created blog. Not that I mind too much, but I'm still experimenting with the blog and its not really ready for public outing yet. And I would certainly like to be able to choose whether or not to have my profile on view.

    Is there a way of stopping this?

  2. you don't type anything in the website field.

    just fill up the name and email field.

  3. If you're logged in to WordPress you don't get the choice which fields you fill out. hfvalues, have you put a link to your blog in your WordPress profile? If yes, removing it from there is probably the solution.

  4. Just edit your profile here and take out the url and it will look like my name is now.

  5. But if they're smart they can still track you back because your username is most generally your blog name as well, and all they have to do is stick "" on the end of it.

    If you really don't want people to follow you back to your blog, sign out before commenting.

  6. My name on my site shows as Capri while here shows as nosysnoop. Forgot how I did that now.

  7. You edited it in your profile.

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