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Privacy settings

  1. I have about 50 people following my blog. I want to change the setting so that only they will read it. If I change the setting so that only those invited can read the blog, do I have to invite all 50 to register or will they automatically be saved? If I have to reinvite them, is there a way I can quickly import the email addresses without having to copy and retype them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you change your site's Privacy settings to Private, you will have to invite everyone to view your site. Those without a account will have to make one.

    You can see your list of subscribers in the Stats page in the "Totals, Followers and Shares" module.

  3. While I appreciate your reply, Jennifer, I'm not happy with it. Perhaps this is something WordPress should rethink and allow. In spite of my excellent writing :-), not everyone wants to subscribe to WordPress. There should be a way I should be able to make my blog Private to only those emails who subscribe. It shouldn't be difficult, either.

  4. As an aside, does anyone know a blog site that will allow me to do this if WordPress can't?

  5. will always insist on this, because without a login, has no way of ascertaining whether or not these people are authorized. As for other blogging platforms, we can't answer questions about those in these forums.

  6. It sounds like you want magic - only certain people seeing your blog without them authenticating themselves in any way!

  7. Wow, Tandava 108, perhaps you and raincoaster misunderstand. I know who these people are. They are my friends. They have given their emails and I recognize them. Now that they are following my blog, I want to make it private and exclusive only to them, my friends who I recognize. I really don't care if WordPress knows who they are. I do. That is what is important. However, if WordPress doesn't do it, so be it. End of discussion.

  8. I think you misunderstand. How would the software recognize anyone who you you want to view your private blog as a legitimate viewer of the blog without them providing an email address? The email address is o unique identifier.

    The e-mail address registered with your account is your unique identifier. You will notice that when you sign up, we do not require any other information. As such, this is how we are able to verify ownership of blogs and accounts; it is very important to remember and update it as necessary.

  9. Changing public blog settings to private > Blog Privacy and Subscribers

  10. Am I confused! I'll try it one more time, but please be kind with me. :-)
    People have chosen to follow my blog. They clicked "Follow" and left their email address. Now that they have registered, I want the site to be only visible to them and any new person that I invite. My understanding is that anyone in the world can read it now and choose to follow without my permission. I want this only for the eyes of my family and friends. So...
    I would like to change my setting to private without inviting and inputting the 59 email addresses one by one that are already there. Thus, when I write something new, they will continue receiving my posts. If I change the setting to private, do the 59 or so email addresses remain there? If not, all I am saying is that it would be nice if they did. If they do, wonderful!

  11. Timethief, I replied to your first message before reading the link. So it looks as if I can't change it from public to private without losing the ability to send something out to the emails that are already Following the blog. End of story.

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