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    I’m teaching a freshmen seminar class this fall, and I’d like to ask the students to blog. They’ll be able to choose if they want the blogs to be private or public.

    If they make their blog private, they’ll have to somehow share it with me and the team leaders.

    It appears that they can only give access to us by entering our WordPress usernames and not email addresses. I have a username, but the team leaders do not. The only other way I can figure out that they can share their blogs with us if they keep the blog private is to send us the URL, username and password. Is their another way?


    The blog I need help with is


    WordPress has to have a way to identify which people have access to the blog, and which do not. They do that with wordpress.COM usernames and passwords, so the people that need to see the blog would have to have an account here, but they do NOT have to have a blog. The only other way as you say is to have them give you their username and password so that you can log into their blogs.


    Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted to know….


    You’re welcome.

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