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    It would be helpful if there was a way to make the blog private and allow access to friends and family without requiring them to sign up for a account. Like if I could send personal invitations through my blog to certain emails or set up a special user name like “ryteslerfamily” with a password like “friend” that would give certain people access only to my blog.

    I use this blog primarily for family to keep up with the kids. The grandparents who read it are not that technologically savvy and I hesitate to ask them to sign up for a wordpress account because it will only confuse them.

    The blog I need help with is


    The requirement to setup at least a username only account is a security measure.

    And the best way to add other users is really to have them setup a username only account with a strong password. This is because it will keep your blog more secure.

    It is very simple to setup a new username only account by going to You can write your own personal invitation for people or you can send them an invite through the Users > Invites page in your blog dashboard.

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