Privacy Violation!!

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    HELP! I was commenting on a blog that was somewhat controversial. We don’t share the same views. 2 bloggers, myself and another, had some comments that game against the author of the blog. She did not respond to us in her comments using our screen names as she had with other bloggers that agreed with her: for example @pixel8design.

    Instead this blogger used our EMAIL ADDRESSES! We have both requested they be removed from public eyes as when you fill out the form in WordPress it states that the email address will not be displayed. SHE’S DISPLAYING OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES TO EVERYONE AND WILL NOT REMOVE THEM.

    I feel it’s a violation of our privacy and she’s ignoring our requests. I believe she’s taking what is NOT hers and distributing it. I prefer to not have my email displayed. HELP!



    Volunteers can’t help with this sort of problem, so it’d be a good idea to contact WP support directly:



    Don’t give your email addresses to people you don’t trust.

    The WordPress statement about email addresses is misleading at best; it means only that itself won’t display your email. It’s very doubtful that any court would rule that a blogger was legally bound by that.

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